Our Horses


Owner: Emily Anker

2006 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding 17hh by Brilliant Invader

Cooper is currently competing at 3* level and finished off 2017 with a fantastic run in the CIC3* at Adelaide International Three Day Event. Emily will spend 2018 consolidating at this level with the view to compete Cooper in the four star at Adelaide in November of 2018.


Owner: Emily Anker

2011 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding 16.2hh by Teofile

Stars Align is Emily's exciting young horse who has spent 2017 competing at EvA95 level, and will look to move up to EvA105 level in 2018. Stars Align is one for the future!


Owner: 20 Short Alphabet Syndicate

2010 Grey Thoroughbred x Warmblood Gelding 16.1hh by Daley K

Mr K is Emily's exciting new horse who has been showjumping and will now move into his Eventing career, for which he shows great promise!


Owner: Yvonne and Ron Barrow

2008 Chestnut Warmblood x Thoroughbred Mare 16hh by Royal Hit

Will and Deeva have been successfully competing at EvA105 level but are now looking toward a career in straight dressage, for which Deeva has a particular aptitude. Both Will and the Barrows are looking forward to watching her progress on this journey.


Owner: Yvonne and Ron Barrow

2010 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding 17hh by Bramshaw

Phantom is also another exciting youngster of the Barrows' who will be having his first official start at EvA95 with Will in 2018 after competing at EvA80 throughout 2017.


Owner: Yvonne and Ron Barrow

2012 Bay Thoroughbred x Warmblood Gelding 16.3hh by Corofino II

Cairo is a purpose bred talented young horse being campaigned by Will for the Barrows, and will have his first official EvA95 start in 2018. 


Owner: Denise and Ken Rutzou

2010 Trakehner Stallion 16.2hh by APH Ferrari

In his first year of Eventing, Freddy had numerous good results at EvA95 level, and stepped up to EvA105 level for the last event of 2017, maintaining his perfect clear cross country record. Freddy will spend 2018 consolidating at 105 level and will look to move up to one star prior to the end of the year. Freddy is an exciting young stallion and Will is very hopeful for his future, and grateful to the Rutzou family for the opportunity to campaign him.


Owner: Yvonne and Ron Barrow

2010 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding 16.1hh by Dane Shadow

Innaminny had his first official start at EvA95 at the end of 2017 and will look to consolidate further at this level during the first half of 2018, with a move to EvA105 in the second half of 2018. 


Owner: Emily Anker and Will Enzinger

2011 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding 16.3hh by Street Herp

Wenlock Memories had his first official EvA95 start at the end of 2017 and will spend this year gaining confidence at that level before moving up to EvA105 toward the end of 2018. 


In 2010, my daughter Lucy and I chose Will to ride her precious eventing horse Mouse Trap. A few years later I entrusted him with my very very special showjumper Leconte, who had jumped at the highest level in the world. 

We had first met Will as an instructor almost 10 years prior, and we chose him because he was and is first of all an exceptional rider, and also because he rides with the welfare and future of the horse always in mind. He has exceptional feel for the horse and rides accordingly. This is most important with all of my horses whether they are old stagers like Mouse Trap and Leconte, or newcomers. His perception of the horse he is riding is exceptional. Equally important is the relationship I have with Will, which includes a strong sense of understanding and agreement, and of trust in travelling along the same path with a common goal.

His honesty, integrity and his commitment and dedication are fine qualities which I believe will continue to ensure his success.

I look forward to continued success with Will and his professional team at Yarra Valley Eventing.

- Yvonne and Ron Barrow


After I retired from Eventing, I wanted to stay involved and I approached Emily Anker to see if she would be interested in a partnership. I had watched Emily grow up, and saw her talent, dedication and courage rewarded with great success. Over an almost 20 year period, we co-owned a small team of eventers including two that reached four star - Keniski and Balmoral Cavalier. 

My relationship with Emily and 'our boys' was immensely rewarding. Emily took each of them from green to great, we never bought a made horse. Em is so good at bringing the young ones through, I think because she is patient and empathetic as well as talented. 

I always felt that her decision making put the interests of the horse and its future first. 

Emily's communication with me was always completely transparent, I always knew the full picture on any little development or veterinary issues. Emily always made sure I knew when she was competing, and made me feel welcome and involved at shows and events - she even listened politely to my views! Our win at Melbourne 3DE and our trip to Badminton were absolute thrills, that I will always treasure.

On the money side, I always knew where things stood, and in all that time, I never had a question let alone an issue. The partnership of Emily and Will Enzinger means that what she offers her owners is an even stronger proposition, and I could not recommend her more highly to anyone contemplating a sponsorship / ownership in this exciting sport. 

- Mary Jane Crabtree