Our Team


Jet has worked with Yarra Valley Eventing for close to 12 months now, bringing with her a bubbly personality and a strong work ethic.  Not only possessing these quality attributes, Jet has ridden under Emily for many years and aspires to be a top level Eventing rider. Jet is continuing on here at Yarra Valley Eventing for another year with her two horses, Delta and Meeks.


Tay comes from a horsey background with her family having both the love of horses and coaching. Her goal is to do a gap year before going to Uni (to get a real job ha ha ha) and improve her skills and move up a few levels in Eventing with her horse Tom. Tay is hard working and is able to maintain this standard through the ever changing environment that is working with horses. Tay has a new addition taking on the off the track horse Prickles to get into eventing. We are very excited to hear that Tay has decided to stay with us for another year.


Cathy worked in Germany in the mid 90’s and spent most of her time with rehab vet and German event rider, Dr Matthias Baumann. Matthias won Olympic team gold at Seoul and team Bronze at Barcelona Olympics. Cathy was lucky enough to spend half her day grooming Matthias' eventers, and the other half in the rehab clinic. This is where she first learnt massage techniques and gained her passion for massaging eventers and treating like them like athletes. Cathy was lucky enough to groom for Matthias at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, unfortunately for Matthias his horse was not able to compete at the last minute. This meant that Cathy assisted the other grooms for the duration of the Games and spent the whole cross country day in the cool down at the finish. 
Back home in Australia, Cathy studied a diploma in Equine Sports massage with American Don Doran and massage is still her hobby, 20 years on. Cathy loves the sport of Eventing and helping Will and Em and their beautiful horses at events whenever she can.