We are very grateful at Yarra Valley Eventing to have the support of wonderful sponsors who share our vision and provide us with the assistance we need to achieve our goals. We would not be able to operate as we do in such a professional manner and nor would be endorse products that we did not use and believe in. Please take the time to view the products on offer by our sponsors, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding recommendations or their use. 

Castlefin Equestrian is an online and mobile Equestrian business based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. As a keen competitor herself, owner Peta Elstrek enjoys trying new products and keeping up with the latest trends that maximise the horse and rider's performance and results both during training and competition. A lot of the products are also aimed at increasing the comfort and safety of both horse and rider.

Equine Health Science is not a faceless multi-national corporation. EHS is a sport horse focused service, run by real horse people with a lifetime's experience in the industry. Both Seumas and Dani have shared the frustrations of many riders who know their horses could benefit from certain supplements, but the high cost of many of these simply put them beyond reach. They decided to use their knowledge of what performance horses really need, and what riders and trainers really want, to bring products like Shark Net, Hush and Complete Hoof & Coat Care.

Over 60 years of Research and Clinical Trials prove the therapeutic effects of Equissage and millions of satisfied customers agree that Equissage is the best Therapy System available for horses.  Equissage is a safe, easy to use, natural, non-aggressive and non-invasive way to effectively improve performance, maintain your horse in peak condition and assist in relaxation and rehabilitation of your horse.

Exceptional. Always.

Improving the equine world through nutrition, support and education.

Quality ingredients and extensive feed analysis for the perfect bag of feed; every time. 

Kentaur Australia is the thought-child of Lucy Galovicova, an equestrian entrepreneur from Slovak Republic.

Originally an agent for well-known and highly regarded European brand KenTaur, the business has now grown into far more. As well as KenTaur, Lucy now co-operates with numerous other international equestrian brands; Animo Italia, Cavalleria Toscana, Kingsland, KEP Italia, Lorenzini, FairPlay and more.

Kentaur aim to provide variety and quality to the equestrian customer. They are also extremely approachable – if you have any questions/queries, please give them a call. 

Lording Estate is a family business, based firstly on our passion for our equine friends.  Our commitment is to provide clients a service that exceeds expectations in all aspects of our business.  

We are also distributors of Australian stud approved stables and loose boxes, metal yards, round yards and produce.  We supply and install Solar Arena and Barn Lights, Arena and Paddock Irrigation and Security and Stock Monitoring Web based cameras. Our Blonde d'Aquitane and Brahman Cattle stud is also growing in size and quality. Prize cattle are occasionally for sale. 

Our Sponsors